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Stormy Simon is an e-commerce pioneer, corporate leader, cannabis activist, inspirational speaker, and the host of the podcast, “Lunch with Stormy.”  An unconventional leader who charged straight into the workforce, Stormy bypassed college and business school, landing at in 2001 as a temp.  She spent 15 years at the company, ending her remarkable tenure in 2016 as both a Board Member and President, when she surprised the business world by venturing into the Cannabis industry, bridging her advocacy with her professional life.  Known to march to the beat of her own drum, one of Stormy’s guiding mantras is “Sometimes you don’t know what the next step is but you still have to take it.”

Autodidact. Strategist. Storyteller.

Executive Coach. Seeker.


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Join Stormy for an unvarnished conversation with badass NFL Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon. He gives Stormy the inside story of the early days of his football career, what it was like to be one the world-famous ‘85 Bears, and all of his antics that were breathlessly covered by the media. An outspoken cannabis advocate, he also speaks eloquently about how he successfully manages his chronic pain with the plant instead of pharmaceuticals.


Join Stormy for an epic discourse with the legendary Tommy Chong encompassing his nearly 60 years at the forefront of culture. Bonding over a shared advocacy of cannabis, they explore Tommy’s origin story beginning with his roots in the blues clubs at age 17, and walk through the start of his relationship with Cheech Marin. The conversation also details his battle with the federal government, his time sharing a prison cell with Jordan Belfort, and his newfound interest in tango.

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Join e-commerce pioneer and corporate leader Stormy Simon for a real talk, in-depth interview with the multi-talented Torrei Hart! Touching on the themes of transformation and reinvention, Torrei Hart and Stormy share an hour-long conversation giving listeners a glimpse into their respective lives, displaying humor, vulnerability, and sharing inspirational coping mechanisms for living in our rapidly changing world.

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