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Dee Dee Sorvino - Never an Understatment

If you’ve never met a woman who is fiery, outspoken and fun – let me introduce you to Dee Dee Sorvino!

If there is one thing you don’t have to worry about with Dee Dee – it’s wondering what’s on her mind. You must admire her regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum. She is a Republican who is steadfast in her beliefs and she backs it up with her actions. In my mind, anyone who can do that even if their friends don’t like it, is worthy of respect.

Including Hollywood, our conversation covered, her time with the Indiana Republican party, the George W. Bush White House and as a commentator on Fox News. However, no matter how serious her topics or jobs are Dee Dee tells her stories with her own unique voice that is bound to make you laugh. She loves her wine, her hubby and politics and delivers an unapologetic view on each.

Dee Dee is a reminder that that we don’t have to agree on everything to be friends with each other. You really can have differing conversations where you and move on. And you should listen to this there is only one Dee Dee Sorvino and I'm glad to know her!

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