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Seeing with Psychics

Seeing with Psychics

I’ve been interested in the psychic arts and have visited various psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and healers over the decades. The first few times I went, it was exploratory and just for fun, and each time I’d ask myself skeptically, “is this shit for real?” But after stumbling across a few psychics who were felt very real and conveyed things to me that were detailed, specific, and could only be applied to me, I started to become more of a believer.

Because of my intense curiosity of things I can't explain, I’ve visited spiritual advisors of various modalities including:

Clairvoyant A person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact, mediums - the practice of purportedly mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings,

Psychic Healer – A person who does not him- or herself possess healing powers, but rather is said to act as a channel for a spirit guide, providing the information from another plane of existence.

Tarot Card Readings – 78 card deck when interpreted by a reader, gives insights to past, present, future based on the card layout.

There is also Reiki, Chakra Clearings, Past Lives Readings, Transcendental Breathing, Shaman Journeys, Astrology Charts and more. The list is quite expansive; there’s something for everyone…

And I love it all. It intrigues me. Perhaps it was my upbringing; my parents encouraged us to choose any religion or spirituality that we were drawn to, and allowed us to be as open to the world as we could imagine. Regardless of my reasons, I’m still in awe every single time one of the modalities gets it right. I’m not crazy, I believe in science, but there is something indescribably special when a message gets delivered that you know is ONLY for you.

For example, before I started at, the internet and all the players were just getting started. One of the new things a friend and I stumbled upon a new website that offered many psychics and you could choose how much you were willing to pay. where you could We decided to call and each chose one for $1.99/minute. (This was well after the infomercials of calling Miss Cleo for your future!)

It was during that call, with a woman named Valerie, where I had one of my most precise readings. She told me I would be moving out of state and then moving back at which point I should go to a temp agency for employment. She said, “you will be working with computers” and “find great success there.” I honestly thought it was all in fun and thought 'that sounds random'. A couple months later an opportunity out of state fell into my lap, and I took it. A few months after that, 9/11 happened and that opportunity fell apart. And there I was, back in Utah, hitting the pavement, looking for work. The same friend who had called her own psychic that night, came to me and said “I have a friend that just started a temp agency, you should go there. They need good people.” I did. It changed my life. The next day I walked into and the rest is history. It was random, but amazing, right?! Valerie had undeniably sent a message just for me.

I’ve also had readings where nothing happened. And readings where it was directionally right, but partially wrong. Regardless, I’ve never had one so bad that I quit going altogether because I don’t view the messages I receive as written in stone. However, I do think it’s incredible when they get it right, and no harm done if it’s wrong.

So when the world went on a global timeout due to Covid-19, it felt like the right time to explo

re the psychic arts, or what can even be referred to as psychic coaching, further. I reached out to a new platform called, which offers a forum for people to connect privately with their choice of 1,100 psychics. I invited them to lunch, and found my way to Kelsey Malmberg, who had founded the site in January 2020, and asked if she would be willing to have two “readers” come on the show. There was an asterisk of “you can’t tell them my name,” and only prep them by saying to be camera ready to appear on a podcast. She procured two readers, Maeva and Seth, and you’ll see them (or hear them) give me cold readings for the show.

I felt a connection with both of them, but I was a little more closed off than I normally am during readings. They both called out things that were happening or that I was contemplating, even some I wasn’t ready to talk about yet. My real questions were about my career and about my relationship status… At the time of recording, both components of my life were in some state of flux. I was considering making a job shift, and my 12-year relationship had recently ended, and I wasn’t exactly ready to discuss that so openly. I should also share that I went into these cold reading completely cold myself! I didn’t prepare questions, and part of me regrets that. I didn’t set the readers on a particular path; I was feeling hesitant and vulnerable, and yet was doing this in a public forum. Vulnerability to the nth degree.

I’d encourage you to follow your curiosity and check out, even if just for fun, and if you’re open to it, you might even receive a message you need to hear. I certainly did! I was having a tough day when we recorded, and it turned out, there were messages that I needed to hear. Even if it was just by chance. Either way, this was a fun one, and I’d welcome Kelsey, Seth and Maeva back anytime. Maybe next time we’ll have them read YOU! So check out the site if you’re interested, or just looking for a few minutes of fun… and they don’t all charge you per minute!

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