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Torrei Hart Captured My Heart...

I’m excited to be kicking off my podcast with a real talk, in-depth interview with a new friend of mine, the fabulous Torrei Hart! She’s the natural first guest because she truly epitomizes transformation and reinvention as the world is learning to cope with Covid, and stretch our collective selves with the powerful reckoning that is Black Lives Matter – we’re re-examining civil rights in this country!

I met the Torrei Hart at a Visionary Women event celebrating International Women’s Day in March of this year, right before Covid halted all in-person events. The event was incredible; Visionary Women, a wonderful LA-based non-profit focused on the empowerment of women, honored Jane Fonda for her lifetime of activism and outreach.

This night marked my foray into the social scene in LA. I had been living part-time in Topanga since October and was beginning to focus on making local friends. I’m a Utah girl through and through, so going to a glitzy and glamorous event in Beverly Hills is still a big deal. I met a number of amazing women during the cocktail hour, and then found myself seated at the same table with Torrei, and Laurie, a mutual connection of ours. Jane Fonda’s speech was beautiful and the meal was sublime. We got to chatting, and after the event concluded, we decided to go off, into the night, to an after-party.

We hopped into Torrei’s car, and oh my god, she was so funny! We spent the evening dancing and chatting with a bunch of fun, new people – it was one of my favorite LA nights. As the night went on, Torrei and I connected on another level. Being single ladies (although Torrei just have a boyfriend), the conversation shifted to dating in LA. I shared I was considering a date app, and Torrei explained she couldn’t, because she would be recognized. I didn’t want to ask, but I had to. I asked her what she did and she revealed that not only was she a comedian, actress, producer, and entrepreneur, Kevin Hart was also her ex-husband…

We ended up a club where we spotted Rod Stewart! Torrei introduced me to him, and you can hear more about this story in my podcast. In turn, I had the opportunity to come to Torrei’s defense, when a guy was being disrespectful to her, and I put him in his place. (Sometimes my outspoken nature serves me very well!). Before the end of the night, I learned that Torrei was going to be a newly minted author the next morning when her book, “Skinny Bish Keto,” was set to release at 10am. I felt proud of Torrei and excited for her, and I literally made sure I was the FIRST ONE to the purchase the book in the morning to show my support!

The whole evening was heady and eventful, but most importantly, I walked away from the experience with a new friend, and the roots of a budding female friendship that allows us to empower each other.

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